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Packing Of Golf Trip

What to Pack for your Minnesota Golf Vacation

Traveling north for a golf vacation in Minnesota is worth the trip. The state boasts numerous high-end, well-conditioned, and challenging courses in a variety of locales (city, lakes, or wooded courses) that will suit anyone’s idea of great destination golf. But golf in Minnesota can be a little different than golf in other areas of the country, so if you are traveling there, take note of these five things you might want to pack for your Minnesota golf vacation.

1. Sunscreen with mosquito repellant

Perhaps you have heard stories about the size and number of mosquitos in Minnesota (such as, it is known as the state bird). Well, those small pests do live in Minnesota, but their reputation is slightly exaggerated. They are generally under control and aren’t nearly as annoying to locals as the stories about them. It always pays to be prepared, so a little sunscreen with some Deet in it will be worth having on hand. Why sunscreen? Well, contrary to more Minnesota “lore” the state does have plenty of sunshine during the golf season.

2. Rain gear

You could get some rain why venturing to play golf in Minnesota (just like in other locales), so pack some rain gear for the trip. It’s certainly not anything like you might find on coast of Ireland or Scotland, but the great tracks of Minnesota are just that because of the excellent growing conditions in the state. The upside is that the courses drain quickly and it is rare when you might completely wash out an entire day of Minnesota golf. If you are coming in the fall, the course conditions are at their peak, so pack some Under Armour or a pullover so potential cool temps won’t dissuade you from any scheduled rounds.

3. Golf directory

Golf-crazy Minnesotans make hay while the sun shines in this part of the country, so it is possible that your preferred tee time might be filled when you get to town. The Minnesota Golf Association puts out an annual Golf Course Directory of the more than 400 courses throughout the state, and it’s your perfect guide to find the place, time, and challenge for your next round. Check out the Minnesota golf course search for a comprehensive course listing with amenities, directions, prices, and everything else you need to line up your entire trip of golf.

4. A healthy beer palette

The craft beer craze has taken Minnesota by storm and it seems like every other week a new micro-brewery or brewpub opens up somewhere in the state. The list of great Minnesota craft beers—from Mankato to Duluth—grows constantly and the golf courses are catching on to the trend. If you want to find a tasty brew after 18 great holes of golf, Minnesota is ready to pour.

5. A fishing pole

Some golfers refer to them as Minnesota’s 10,000 water hazards, but chances are that you will be playing golf near one of the state’s great 10,000 fish-filled lakes. If the golf isn’t going so well, there is always an opportunity to haul in a sunfish, walleye, bass, or northern pike for dinner. If you get tired of counting strokes, try counting bites and filling a stringer of fish before you head home.

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