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Five Good Reasons to Play Golf Again

Get back in the game

It’s been well documented over the past several years that golf has had its share of challenges. In the late 90’s early 2000’s, we saw the rapid growth of golf courses all over the country. At this time some remarkable golf courses opened nationwide. However, in the past few years, the golf industry has seen a number of golf courses close, and a number of golfers leave the game. Well, guess what? Golf wants you back! Here are five good reasons to play golf again:

Golf for Exercise

If you’re not a fan of running or walking the neighborhood each night with “the Mrs.” consider getting out and walking 9 or 18-holes. Walking a 9-hole course that plays 3,000 yards is equivalent to walking two miles when you consider the distance between the holes and of course trips back and forth from the beverage cart!

Golf and Nature

If you’ve ever teed it up in the early morning as day is breaking, you know how serene the game can be. Each year, a group of

buddies and I get away for a guys trip in the Brainerd Lakes area and each year we play 36-holes on the weekend. The first round typically begins bleary-eyed as the sun is rising, the loons are calling on the lake and there’s always a good chance you’ll see a doe and her kids chasing across a fairway. Guess what? You don’t see that working in the yard, on the tennis courts or laying around the pool.

Golf Builds Relationships

Time with friends and family. The guys trip mentioned above? That’s the one event that keeps our network of high school buddies together. A round with your son or daughter, a date night with your spouse, quality time is spent on the golf course and yes, life lessons are also passed on.

Golf is Competitive

Would you like to see a round of golf get really interesting? Throw a little wager on the deck before you tee off. All of a sudden, what some see as a long, boring walk, becomes a purposeful battle to the final putt. It matters not if you’re a 2 or a 22 handicap. If you’ve got some money on the line and handicaps leveling the playing field, you’re going to have an exciting day on the course!

Golf Supports Local Economy

There may be other reasons that resonate more with you, but the truth is many daily fee golf courses are privately owned by small businesses or small business people. When you play their courses, you support them and the local economy.

There are some wonderful industry initiatives, creative and aggressive marketing and golf leaders who are trying to bring growth back to the game. If you’re searching for reasons to get back in the game, one of the best reasons here in Minnesota might be an unbelievable selection of courses and affordable prices. Get a buddy, a kid or treat your spouse to a night out and get back in the game! We’re ready for you and grateful for your patronage.

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