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Fall Golf Getaways: It’s the Best Time to Golf In MN

*This post was updated for accuracy in July 2023

Minnesotans are known for enduring some tough winter weather conditions. But we do so, perhaps, because of each preceding fall season, when there seems (to us) to be no better place on earth. Fall in Minnesota is a glorious time and perfect for enjoying the beauty of the season with a round of golf.

Thinking of a fall golf getaway? Here are five reasons fall is the best time to golf in MN:

1. Best Turf Conditions

Any golfer looking for a great round wants the course to be in peak condition, and fall in Minnesota is when the turf conditions are at their finest. The cooler temps prevent baked-out fairways that can occur during a hot summer, and course superintendents have an entire season to groom their courses to their desired best. Unscarred tee boxes, verdant, manicured fairways (with some challenging rough, of course) and greens that roll fast and true. The conditions are unsurpassed.

2. Moderate Temperatures

Summers in Minnesota can be hot and humid, but the falls are cool and dry and simply beckon golfers to tee it up. A round in the mid-70s, with a warming sun peeking between clouds, offers the perfect oasis for a golf traveler. It’s as if you set the thermometer to the precise temperature for golf. If it is your last round of the season, you won’t do better for finding a round that will make you yearn for golf coming next year.

3. Fall Foliage

There are four seasons in the Land of 10,000 water hazards, and fall is the most majestic – with a round of golf providing a front-row seat. The splendorous falls colors (particularly in the deep woodland course in Northern Minnesota) are a feast for the eyes, but the rustle of leaves and smell of crisp, cool fall breezes also arouse other senses. Waiting to play your next shot allows time to soak in the surroundings and likely put you in the perfect mindset to take it.

4. Uncrowded Courses

There might not be much waiting for shots, however, as fall golf is a time for uncrowded courses. Junior players are back in school while other players have stopped playing for the season. The result is open, optimal tee times, which is a great benefit for the golf traveler.

5. Affordable Prices

And that goes hand-in-hand with good prices on golf in the fall, as courses looking to capture the waning golf dollars offer plenty of deals to those still playing. Doing a little online research will reveal some creative pricing and offer the opportunity to stretch your travel budget and still play great courses.

Enjoy a Fall Golf Getaway in the Twin Cities

Inspired to fit in one (or more) round this fall? Here is a list of some great courses for fall golf in the Twin Cities, where the green fairways are complemented by shimmering blue waters and blazing autumn colors:

With this many reasons to play golf in the fall, we’re not sure why anyone would pass up the opportunity! So, get out there before the snow flies. You won’t regret it.

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