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Golf Weekend With Friends

5 Essentials for a Guys Golf Trip

Great guys golf trip tips

For many of us, relationships are created, forged, and maintained on a golf course. This is part of what makes the guys’ golf trip a necessary vacation for any guy (and gal) who plays the game.

So, before you start planning your next guys trip here are 5 essentials for your trip:

Pick the right guys

Okay, so this might seem obvious, but you know what happens on these deals? You get a guy in your regular group who says he’s got a friend who would love to play. Well, it turns out that this guy is a putz, doesn’t fit in the group and in the end becomes the downer of the group. My advice, go with guys that you can hang with anywhere – at home, on a canoe or in outer space. You need to be with people with whom you can be comfortable. Don’t go on a flyer and invite that one guy who you think could fit in. If someone in your core group isn’t cool with someone, don’t force it. It can make or break your trip.

Pick the right resort

This is the other obvious part. If you’ve got a bunch of guys that like to go out on the town after teeing it up for 36, make sure you go somewhere that has nightlife nearby. If your group is more mellow, you might want more of a resort that has comfortable condos with nice amenities. Just remember, if you’ve got a party

group, but that one dude that was invited doesn’t like to go out – see the first tip. Also, be sure to pick a destination that fits the skill level of your group. Of course, as men, we like to be macho and play the toughest courses from the longest tees and in the end, we get our tails kicked by the course. Sure, there’s something masochistically wonderful about this, but chances are, you’ll enjoy yourself so much more if you feel like you can actually play the course you’re on.

Get golf rain gear

This is one of those golf accessories that no one likes to buy, but it’s so essential. The good news is that you buy it once and keep it forever. Don’t skimp on this stuff, get the good gear. Like my grandfather used to say about suits, “the most expensive thing you can buy is a cheap (rain) suit. Here’s the deal, if you pay a lot of money to go play golf on a guys trip, you want to play. Is a little rain going to chase you away? No chance. So make sure you have the tools to go out and fully enjoy yourself.

A good bed is important

Okay, I’m showing my age now, but notice, this is not a commentary about the quality of the resort, just make sure you have a place with a good bed and good pillows. Chances are you’re going to be playing a lot of golf and perhaps doing the 12-ounce curls at night and you’re going to want a superb place to lay your head at the end of each day. This will help ensure a good night sleep and make sure your battery is charged for the next day. By the way, a nice place with great beds is even better!

A fishing boat and tackle

Yes, that’s right. At the end of the day, one of the great treats in life is sitting on a boat fishing as the sun sets. Sure it’s a little melancholy and romantic, but after beating your brains on the golf course all day, listening to your buddy chirp in your ear while trying to suck every dollar out of your wallet, there’s something pure and serene about sitting on a boat in a lake. Sure, if you’re inclined – throw in a beer, a stogy and a 5-pound walleye and you’ve got one helluva a day.

So get out and make the most of your next guys golf trip. Remember, you deserve it! Make time to recognize your hard work on those other days, not known as Father’s Day.

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