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Teeing Off

Get Pumped Up for Golf Season

It’s the time of year that Minnesota golfers have been waiting for since we got our first snowfall– Masters weekend! Although our abnormally cold temperatures and ridiculous April snowstorm may have you discouraged, spring is the best time of year to be a golfer. There is so much to look forward to, and your bad rounds from last season are long forgotten.

Watching the Masters: What could be better than hours of nearly uninterrupted, fiercely competitive golf? The Masters has an electrifying energy about it that inspires golfers around the country to dig their clubs out of the basement and get back on the course for the year.

The First Round: For most people, the first round is always the best round of the year. All of your bad habits, lazy tendencies, and even lesson take-aways are forgotten, leaving a raw, under-thought, perfectly fine golf swing. Winter gives golfers the time to miss the best part of golf and forget the worst. Since we’ve already hit mid-April and there are still inches of snow on the ground, your golf dreams are likely getting quite vivid. Don’t worry, the reward of the first round will likely be worth the wait!

The 19th Hole: When was the last time you sat on a patio with your buddies overlooking the 18th green with a nice cold one in hand? Don’t you miss that feeling? Sure, you went out to dinner over the winter; maybe you even got in a late-fall cocktail hour out on your favorite restaurant’s balcony, but nothing compares to the real 19th hole.

These are just a few reasons it’s time to get pumped up for golf season. Brush off your clubs and get ready to hit the fairway – literally.

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