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Explore Minnesota’s Most Instagrammable Golf Holes to Post and Play

What constitutes a mesmerizing golf hole? Must it contain a gorgeous water feature such as a lake, pond, or rushing river? Or is it a sweeping panoramic view of deep forests, plains filled with native prairie grasses waving in the wind, or unique outcroppings of large, unearthed boulders?

It is difficult to name the most photogenic golf holes around the state of Minnesota since we simply have so many. In this day and age of “if there isn’t a photo, it didn’t happen,” we’ve compiled the most Instagram-able, tweet-able, and Facebook like-able golf holes in the state of Minnesota.

StoneRidge | Barn Hole

A remnant from the farmstead that was on the original property of the golf course, a red barn – a rather large, immovable obstruction – adorns the route to the 11th green. Depending on your position, the barn can come into play, and certainly into the decision-making on your approach – hitting over, around or through it.

The Legend at Giants Ridge | Foot Print Bunker

From the tee, you’ll see a large bunker carved into the side of the fairway. It resembles the foot of a giant and is visually intimidating. But it can be cleared with relative ease if you bail out to the right. Hit your drive left, over the longest part of the bunker to cut off plenty of the dogleg left and you’ll set yourself up to go for the green in two. If you miss, you’ll more than likely land in the large, deep bunker. Bunkers guard the large rolling green, but if you’ve gotten home in two, you have a great chance at a birdie.

Black Bear Golf Course | Bear Paw Sand Trap

This is the longest par 5 on the course and features the famous Bear Paw bunker. A solid tee shot down the right half of the fairway is the key to avoiding the signature Bear Paw sand trap. Aim your second shot to the landing area near the green to set up a short chip and a possible birdie. 

Stonebrooke | Ferry Boat Ride

Take a 180-yard carry-over drive across Lake O’Dowd and then enjoy a ferry boat ride to the fairway. Yes, golf cart and all! About 120 more yards to the pin and you’ll be in good shape. It is truly a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else in Minnesota. 

Madden’s Pine Beach East | Looooooong Drive

The only par 6 in Minnesota, this 618-yard hole is on a course that is less than 6,000 yards long. Our recommendation to approach this beast of a hole is to take three shots of approximately 205-yards. If you avoid the water surrounding the green, back and right, you’ll be putting for an eagle. 

Edinburgh Golf Course | Double Green

Why both? Simple. Get to 9 and you’re on the green for 18. Get to 18 and you’re on the green for 9. This double-green is actually the largest putting surface in the United States. Picture that!

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