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Common Golf Injuries: What to Do In These 5 Scenarios

Man Playing Golf on Beautiful Sunny Green Golf Course. Hitting Golf Ball down the Fairway from the Tee with Driver.

Golf and injuries don’t mix. Just ask Fred Couples, whose career has been interrupted time and again by a bad back. Or Tiger woods, who David Feherty said may never return to the PGA tour due to multiple injuries to his knee and back over the years. If you golf, you may be playing with an injury, and not playing very well as a result.

Hall of Fame Golf writer Dan Jenkins once penned a sports tome entitled “You Gotta Play Hurt,” but when it comes to golf injuries, you don’t have to endure it. Here are five common golf injuries and what you can do about them so you can return to walking the fairways again.

Back Pain

Estimates say that 75 to 85 percent of Americans will experience some form of back pain in their lifetimes, according to a article (I did my back workout on the Roman chair shortly before sitting down to write this), and golf is the culprit for causing a lot of it. The twisting rotation of the swing and torque involved in trying to swing for those extra 10 yards can cause pain and injury and become detrimental to a smooth, powerful, and repeatable swing. If you can avoid back surgery, it is highly recommended, but rehab exercise can be a great help (I know). The key to prevention is stretching exercises for your back, but also core strengthening to help heal and prevent relapse.

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Subtleties of Golf Course Etiquette: Some Mistakes You Might Be Making

Walking golf course

In golf, you don’t hit, body check, kick a ball at or even tag out your opponent. The game of golf calls for no physical contact between combatants, whatsoever, other than the occasional high-five when your opponent gets a hole-in-one. It’s a more genteel game, and in addition to its rules, golf has a section in the rule book on “Etiquette: Behavior on the Course.” So, here’s a look at some written and unwritten rules of golf etiquette you may not know that you’re breaking.

A golfer is not penalized for breaking rules of etiquette, since they aren’t actually rules (although consistent breaches can result in the completion committee disqualifying someone). Rather, they are more just ways of playing the game that are agreed upon by most golfers and are designed to help players to “gain maximum enjoyment out of the game,” says the Rules of Golf  book. “The overriding principle is that consideration should be shown to others on the course at all times.”

That said, if you play the game as if no one else exists on the course and only your game matters, you won’t likely be asked back for another round at the member-guest of that excellent and exclusive country club. You can play the game without worrying about the other folks on the course, or you can take a look at few generally accepted rules of etiquette.

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How to Get Better at Golf: Some Tips for Women

Girl golf player with driver teeing-off from tee-box to shoot over lake, view from behind.

Golf may be the great equalizer. When it comes to providing golf instruction, lessons, guidelines, or tips, the game is pretty much the same for men and women. There may be some subtle differences — just like there are subtle differences between different men — but in general, golf tips for women are tips for playing golf.

“Golfers are golfers, whether they are men, women, or juniors,” says Chris Foley of Cragun’s Legacy Courses in Brainerd, who owns and operates Chris Foley Golf Schools.

Go surfing around the internet, and you can find some sites where there are some golf tips designed specifically for women. But we asked Foley his thoughts on the subject.

Key Clubs

“The one thing that I do tell ladies a lot, especially if they are new players, is that if they can become reasonably proficient with four golf clubs, they are going to play very good golf,” he says. “Those four clubs would be a club off the tee — a driving club — whether that’s a driver or a three wood. And then a fairway wood or hybrid, a wedge, and a putter.”

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8 Best Golf Blogs You Should Be Following

Close-up of golf ball during sunrise.

Remember when improving your game meant reading magazines and buying DVDs? Now, those articles and instructional videos are online, available all the time.

We’ve entered the age of the golf blog, with golf mags, networks, and independent writers all offering their own stories, instructionals, and opinions. So, if you don’t already have a half-dozen of them already bookmarked, here’s our list of 8 golf blogs you should be following.

8 Best Golf Blogs You Should Be Following

1. GolfWRX – One of the most popular golf blogs is brimming with tour news, equipment trends, pro tips, and extensive gear trials. GolfWRX is also very popular on Twitter, with more than 55,000 followers.

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Pro Tips: How to Clean Golf Clubs


Here in Minnesota, we’re always hoping for that one last round of golf before the snow flies — and this season we were still playing into November.Pro tips: how to clean golf clubs As a result, we might put off cleaning our golf clubs, and once the snow starts falling we forget about that job and store them for the winter. (Writing this story reminded me about my neglected sticks.) So here are a few tips on how to clean your clubs and put them away for the offseason x(or at least until it’s time to jump on the plane and head south).

There are a number of ways to clean your clubs. In fact, you should be doing it after every round of golf. (One golfer commenting online offered this advice: “After every shot I just take the time to completely clean the head of the club via a wet towel and make sure the grooves are totally clear.” That may be fine if you have the course to yourself, but the rest of us would like to play 18 holes in under five hours.)

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