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Essential Rain Gear for Spring Golf

Gearing up for Spring Golf in Minnesota

If you golf during the spring in Minnesota, it’s very likely you might get wet – even cold and wet.Golf in the Rain Still, with the number of great courses in the state, Minnesotans hate to wait too long to get the season started – so good rain gear is an essential spring accessory. It can be a bit spendy for something you use only occasionally, but well worth the price when spring showers fall. So, here’s our advice on what to look for when gearing up for spring golf in Minnesota.

The primary attributes to look for in rain gear include the following:

  • Breathability
  • Water Resistance
  • Room to Move
  • Cold Weather Protection
  • Lightweight Fabric

If you can get all those at an affordable price, you have shopped well. But according to Clint Roepke, PGA professional at Golf Galaxy in Roseville, “you get what you pay for when it comes to rain gear.”

Material Matters

Roepke says there are lower price points for primarily polyester-fiber rain gear and then higher ones for Gore-Tex, which claim to be breathable and water resistant. All rain gear will ultimately get wet, he says, but Gore-Tex is designed to keep you drier longer.

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Early Spring Golf Tips


If you plan to golf this spring, you should anticipate a number of variables. From sore muscles to snow, any number of things can surprise you during an April round of golf. Here are some early spring golf tips to help you address common course conditions, so that you can be as prepared as possible!

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Fall and Winter Golf Clinics

Instruction at Rush Creek

Don’t let your child’s golf game suffer in the winter! Sign up is underway for Fall and Winter camps at Rush Creek Golf Club. These camps are done in small class sizes of just 3-6 people so your junior golfer will learn a lot and get plenty of individual attention.

The pros at Rush Creek Golf Academy use their indoor and outdoor teaching areas and will work with students on their full swing and short game. Juniors will learn practice drills and be given a CD with swing tips to practice over the winter months.

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Golf Lessons at Rush Creek Golf Club

Golf Clinics in Minnesota

Ask any PGA golf professional how you can improve your game, and they’ll likely tell you to take a lesson (or two). Instruction is the best way to improve your swing, figure out what you’re doing wrong and how to stay relaxed on the course.

Rush Creek Golf Club in Maple Grove, Minnesota, is offering several instruction programs this summer. These programs are for all ages and skill levels!

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The Wilderness GM Challenges Golfers to Pass the Game to Kids

Tom Beaudry, General Manager at The Wilderness of Fortune Bay talks about the importance of teaching your kids to play golf in this month’s e-newsletter from The Wilderness. Here’s what Tom has to say:

“Watching the U.S. Open over the weekend brings to light just how many great golfers there are worldwide. You may also notice that many of the top golfers are from countries other than America. The question then arises, is golf in America declining? Much of the data out there supports this. The United States Golf Association, The PGA of America, and The National Golf Course Owners Association have all put initiatives out to try to grow the game and offset this trend.

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