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Best Golf Courses in the Twin Cities for Fall Golf

Best Golf Courses in the Twin Cities for Fall Golf

As the sultry heat of a Minnesota summer dissipates and gives way to the temperate glory of fall, you may hear the following question: What are the best courses in the Twin Cities for fall golf? If you are ever asked that question, the answer is easy: any of them. Fall is arguably the best time to play golf in Minnesota, so you generally won’t go wrong choosing one.

As in all things, though, some are better than others. And if you are looking for the best places to play golf in the Twin Cities, the golf courses of the Explore Minnesota Golf Alliance have that in spades. The course conditioning this time of year is top-notch, the weather could not be better, and the splendor of the turning trees in one of the most beautiful urban areas in the country are three of the best reasons to tee it up in the Twin Cities in the fall.

Here is a list of some great courses for fall golf in the Twin Cities, where the green fairways are complemented by shimmering blue waters and blazing autumn colors:

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5 Things We Love About Fall Golf in Minnesota

Fall golf in MinnesotaAs the summer season of golf winds down, and the crisp, cool air of autumn begins to arrive in Minnesota, some local golfers mistakenly start thinking about other things (school, football, winter?) rather than the game. Yet fall is actually the perfect time to play golf in Minnesota, and there are plenty of reasons why. Here are five things we love about fall golf in Minnesota.

1. Course Conditions

Every fall, the golf courses of Minnesota reach their peak in terms of conditioning, and it must be experienced. The weather provides great growing conditions and the sun won’t bake out any areas, so the fairways and greens will be as good you will find anywhere. The only concern will be your ability to hit them in regulation.

2. Comfortable Temperatures

Minnesota is home to hot, humid summers, but those temps are gone with the turning of the season. Fall temperatures are cool, but not cold, and it’s the perfect time for a round that won’t overheat you. You want to be outdoors in the fall, just to experience the temperate climate and the wonderful autumnal smells.

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Top 5 Reasons It’s Better to Golf than Watch Football on Sundays


As a football writer and lifelong fan of the Minnesota Vikings, it is difficult to write a story about playing golf rather than watching football on Sundays. American Football on grassBut the truth of the matter is, Sundays in the fall are a great time to play golf in Minnesota — and it’s often better than watching football.

That’s hard to believe when football is such a popular sport, and you have four fantasy football teams to preside over all Sunday afternoon. But let’s be honest, your vigilance in front of the television has absolutely nothing to do with the outcome of those games, and you could shoot you next best round this coming Sunday. Don’t wait until your team’s bye week to play golf—play this Sunday. Here are the top 5 reasons it’s better to golf than watch football on Sundays.

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Fall Golf Tips: How to Dress to Play Golf in Minnesota


Contrary to conventional wisdom, fall is the not end of the golf season in Minnesota.Happy golfer holding a golf club The courses don’t cover their greens and they don’t shutter the clubhouses when the trees start to turn. In fact, fall is one of the best times to play golf in Minnesota, you just have to be prepared for any kind of weather – because could experience many of them over the course of your round. Check out these fall golf tips so you don’t miss this glorious season of golf in Minnesota: 

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Best Places to Play Golf While Enjoying Minnesota Fall Colors


If you are on a golf course during the fall in Minnesota, chances are pretty good that (if you look up) you will see some nice autumn colors as you stripe your drive down the still green fairways.sunset at the golf course 2 Golf in Minnesota is perfect for such glorious displays, and if your quest in the fall is for the peak color experience, there are plenty of golf courses where you can find blazing reds, warming oranges and brilliant yellows framing your next shot. So, we’ve put together this list of the best places to play golf while enjoying the Minnesota fall colors.

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