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Plan a Trip to the Brainerd Golf Trail

After a psychotic spring, it would appear that the wild and wacky Minnesota spring is making a return to normal – whatever that means! At least temperatures have resumed to a more “Minnesota-like” trend and you can start thinking about making travel plans with some level of confidence in the weather. At this point, temps through May up in Brainerd can be anywhere between the mid 50’s and mid 70’s – really predictable, right? The good news is that the chance of snow has been reduced significantly.

So, with that golfers, it’s time to look at the Brainerd Golf Trail and start mapping out a trip to one of Minnesota’s greatest golf destinations. A couple housekeeping tips – unless you have a week or more, chances are you’re not going to hit every course in the area so figure out where you want to go and plan accordingly. Secondly, take off your “discount golf deals” hat and consider that some of our Minnesota golf courses are ranked among the top in the United States. Yet, if you compare our courses with some of the best in the country, our rates are substantially less than the others, so in many ways, you’re already getting a great “deal.”

Okay, so here’s a quick look at the must-hits when you’re planning a trip to the Brainerd Lakes Area this spring:

The Classic at Madden’s – Arguably the most challenging greens in the state and a fabulous test of golf. Check out the video.

The Pines – 27 holes of pure Minnesota golf. Fair, challenging and fun. You’ll want to play all 27…in one day! Check out the video.

The Preserve – Check out the elevation changes and get ready for some real northwoods golf. Here’s the video.

Deacon’s Lodge – This may be the most visually breathtaking course in the area and it will steal your golf balls like no other. A love/hate – you’ll love it because it’s gorgeous, you’ll hate it because your score will balloon like the Zeppelin. Check out the video.

Golden Eagle – Talk about elevation change, Bruce McIntosh designed this course with that in mind – you won’t experience vistas like what you get at Golden Eagle, anywhere in the state. May be the best value in the state. Here’s the video.

Other courses (not part of Explore Minnesota Golf) that you’ll want to check out include Cragun’s Legacy courses – they are fast tracks that will get the bets flowing. Whitefish Golf Club is between Brainerd and Fifty-Lakes and is the laid back resort golf that you’ll love after getting your butt handed to you at Deacon’s. Finally, head east and hit Ruttger’s Bay Lake course. It’s not far from Brainerd and again, solid course and not quite the “intensity” of some of the big dogs in Brainerd in Nisswa.

You can’t go wrong in the Brainerd Lakes area, but be sure to bring your “A” game and your nerves on the green. When you think of Minnesota golf courses, people outside of Minnesota often think of Brainerd golf – you’ll see whay and you’ll have a blast!

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