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Golfing In The Rain

Essential Rain Gear for Spring Golf

Gearing up for Spring Golf in Minnesota

If you golf during the spring in Minnesota, it’s very likely you might get wet – even cold and wet. Still, with the number of great courses in the state, Minnesotans hate to wait too long to get the season started – so good rain gear is an essential spring accessory. It can be a bit spendy for something you use only occasionally, but well worth the price when spring showers fall. So, here’s our advice on what to look for when gearing up for spring golf in Minnesota.

The primary attributes to look for in rain gear include the following:

  • Breathability
  • Water Resistance
  • Room to Move
  • Cold Weather Protection
  • Lightweight Fabric

If you can get all those at an affordable price, you have shopped well. But according to Clint Roepke, PGA professional at Golf Galaxy in Roseville, “you get what you pay for when it comes to rain gear.”

Material Matters

Roepke says there are lower price points for primarily polyester-fiber rain gear and then higher ones for Gore-Tex, which claim to be breathable and water resistant. All rain gear will ultimately get wet, he says, but Gore-Tex is designed to keep you drier longer.

“If you have to play in bad weather—and many of us don’t—Gore-Tex fabric is the way to go,” says Roepke.

Among Gore-Tex products, DryJoys HydroLite (claiming to be 100 percent waterproof) and the Zero Restriction line are on the top of the pros’ list when it comes to quality, lightweight, breathable rain gear that is not encumbering. Nike’s Storm-FIT brand also makes good gear.

Key Questions

You can buy lined or unlined, sleeves or sleeveless, depending on your preference. Roepke says that ever since Payne Stewart won the U.S. Open at Pinehurst in 1999, everyone was looking for sleeveless rain gear. But sleeves with a Velcro strap on the wrists may be slightly more restrictive, but certainly offer more protection.

While some gear is lined for warmth (always a good idea for Minnesota spring golfers), Roepke says he prefers going with unlined gear and then layering underneath with other clothes in cold weather. Using layers, you can always take off apparel according to changing temperatures and conditions. But with lined gear, you only have two options—on or off.

Hats and More

We have rain pants and jackets covered, but there are a few other accessories to check out. A bucket style rain hat is ideal for keeping rain from dripping down the back of your neck inside your rain gear. There are plenty of models and colors of those available, if you are the bucket hat kind of golfer.

In addition, a good pair of water-resistant gloves is very important to your round. Who wants to stick out a cold April day in the rain only to not be able to hold their clubs? FootJoy makes a RainGrip glove that they say is the world’s No. 1 rain glove.

And finally, dry hands will only work well with dry club grips. You may have a cover that comes with your golf bag and snaps on and off and zips open for use, but that can be cumbersome. Roepke says Titleist makes the DriHood bag towel that drapes over the clubs and is much easier to use than the zipper variety.

Stay warm and dry with the right rain gear this spring and you will be able to get the most out of every month of Minnesota golf.

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