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Why Minnesota Golf and the Fourth of July Go Together

Experience Summer Golf in Minnesota

It’s mid-summer in Minnesota and the heat is starting to crank up. Home air conditioners may be humming, but you shouldn’t be inside – the summer is short. The Fourth of July is upon us, and everyone is making preparations for family get-togethers, so that’s why you should be on the golf course in Minnesota. The Fourth of July is a great time to go golfing in the Midwest.  4th of July picnic with colors of red, white and blue.

The fact that people are gathering for the Fourth is the number one reason you should be golfing. The Minnesota golf courses might have fewer golfers on them and you can fly around the course. There is nothing like a 3-to-4 hour round that leaves you plenty of time for your holiday get-together at home.

You may get the opportunity to play that favorite public course you have been trying to get on because it isn’t backed up due to a packed tee sheet. While everyone is shooting off firecrackers and bottle rockets for the U.S. flag, you can be firing at flags on the greens.

Early July is a great time to golf in Minnesota because the weather is great and course conditions are optimal. The cold wet spring is gone, and the month of June has given way to temperate July conditions. The heat of August has not yet bore down on the state, and golf as it’s meant to be played in Minnesota is waiting.

They say that the corn in local farm fields should be knee-high by the Fourth of July, well, the local courses are in full bloom by then, as well. The courses have recovered from any winterkill type problems, and superintendents around the state have the courses in fine shape. The heat of late summer has likely not yet affected the courses, so putts will run fast and true.

It’s a great time to visit northern Minnesota resort courses, as optimal Minnesota temperatures are peaking there. Many of those courses have traditional summer activities—swimming, fishing, boating—available so you won’t miss a beat by playing some golf before you settle down for some Fourth of July fare from your barbecue grill.

And whether you are in the Twin Cities or up north, there is always a fireworks celebration nearby to be found. There is no better way to spend the evening of the Fourth than in a lawn chair with a cool beverage watching fireworks, resting your muscles after an exhilarating round of golf. Visit Explore Minnesota to find a local fireworks celebration.

The Fourth of July often means family in town, so there should plenty of golfers around to set up a foursome. If you have a few more, you might even be able to put together a small, friendly tournament and really get the post-golf discussions cracking.

Grab a couple early tee times – the time and temperature are right if you are a dew-scraper and enjoy early morning rounds. On the way back from the course, pick up the burgers and beverages and fire up the grill. Go swimming and snooze along the lakeshore and get ready for an evening of rockets’ red glare. The Fourth of July and Minnesota golf go great together.

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