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Who Will Win the 2016 Ryder Cup? Our Pros Pick

USA Ryder Cup GolfThe eyes of the golf world will be transfixed on Minnesota when the 2016 Ryder Cup begins this month. And while golf fans around the world have differing predictions for who will win the 2016 Ryder Cup, some of our golf professionals in Minnesota are united in their belief. Here’s what they’re saying:

John Kendall, Director of Golf at Giants Ridge

I think the European team will have a hard time continuing their dominance while bringing 6 rookies to foreign soil for the Ryder Cup.  Hopefully, the recent play of some of the key American players, as well as the new flexibility afforded with 4 captain’s picks, will lead to a better showing for the home team.  I look for the Americans to win the Ryder Cup at Hazeltine in a somewhat one-sided outcome. 

Don Berry, Head Golf Professional at Edinburgh USA

I always pick the USA in the Ryder Cup and, unfortunately, lately have been wrong a lot. I just think the USA team has the better players and are deeper from 1-12.  I do feel that the Ryder Cup means more to the Europeans than to us, which may be part of the lopsided recent results.  I’m picking the USA again and I think good Minnesota-style hospitality will be the deciding factor. Although it’ll really come down to which team makes the most putts late in the matches.

Jack Wawro, Director of Golf at Grand View Lodge

I am sure everyone has been thinking the same thing as I have — this is an important Ryder Cup for the USA.  From my point of view, I see the European team having more passion for the moment.  When I watch the USA in recent years their passion seems forced.  I realize that I am an outsider looking in and only able to see and hear what happens on television, but that is my take.  When the European team wins, there are tears shed from what they have accomplished.  The past American teams have not shared this same passion.  This being said, I am looking forward to things being different at Hazeltine.  The Ryder Cup is being played on our soil, and when a team has been beat several times, it might be just what the USA needs to gain some of that passion.  I am predicting that the Ryder Cup will be very competitive, but the Americans will win in the end and get back on track at Hazeltine.

Chris Foley, Director of Instruction at The Legacy Courses at Craguns

On paper, the US should dominate the Ryder Cup.  Having the home field advantage and, with all of the players on the team inside of the top 25 in World Rankings (prior to the Captains’ Picks), the US should win for the first time since 2008.  The final results will really come down to the team chemistry and how well the US putts.

Jay Meyerhoff, Head Golf Professional at Rush Creek Golf Club

The 2016 Ryder Cup is going to be exciting.  The players on team USA finally feel like it is their team.  With the changes that have been made to the team and how the picks work, great things are ahead for Team USA.

Shad Gordon, Director of Golf The Wilds Golf Club

I’m truly excited for the Ryder Cup! These are the best of the best golfers in the world representing their team/country. All the players are incredible and anyone can beat anyone on any given day. My prediction is that it will be close and TEAM USA wins the Ryder Cup!


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