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Top Minnesota Golf Courses Offer Great Value

Let’s agree on something right off the bat. Anything more than $100 for most Americans is a lot of money to spend on golf. Ok, we have that out in the open. Now, that said, it’s important to understand that when you think of the best golf courses in the United States – especially those outlined in Golf Digest’s Top 100 Greatest Public Golf Courses – $100 ain’t a lot of money. For example, Pebble Beach Golf Links, the #1 course on Golf Digest’s list, will cost you $495 plus cart fee and that’s before tax.

On a less extreme note, look at Arcadia Bluffs in Michigan. Considered to be the Whistling Straits of Michigan, green fees are a much more reasonable $180 in peak season. Speaking of Whistling Straits, you’ll pay $420 to play the Straits Course (site of the 2010 PGA Championship) which includes a caddie, but not the gratuity – approximately $40. Now, that’s a lot of dough, but that’s what it costs to play the best golf courses in America.

 So, the top two courses in Minnesota, according to Golf Digest are: The Quarry at Giants Ridge (#16) and The Classic at Madden’s (#53). To play The Quarry, you’ll pay $89 during peak season. I can’t even believe I just wrote that – $89 for a Top 20 golf course in America! Blackwolf Run (Kohler, WI) and Kapalua (HI) are #15 and #17 respectively. They cost $280 (with a cart) and $296 (includes cart) respectively.

Again, playing golf at facilities of this caliber are elite, yet, when you look at the type of course, the experience and the cost the disparity is pretty remarkable.

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