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Tom Lehman – Minnesota Golf’s Best Pitch Man

Tom Lehman is very happy living in Arizona. He and his family live on the golf course at D.C. Ranch, an exclusive private course north of Scottsdale. Yet, Lehman is a native Minnesotan and he’ll tell you that with great pride.

Last year, I flew to Scottsdale to interview Lehman for a series of commercials that we wanted to do in which the 1996 British Open champion harkens back to his days playing golf in Minnesota. Not only was the Alexandria native happy to accommodate me and my crew, he was genuine in his reflection and humble when speaking of his success.

If you follow Lehman on the course at a tournament away from Minnesota you’ll hear people remark that “he’s one of the good guys” on tour. I’m not even from Minnesota, but it makes me proud to hear that about someone from the state in which I live and it makes you realize there’s no better ambassador for Minnesota golf than Tom Lehman.

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