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The Wilderness GM Challenges Golfers to Pass the Game to Kids

Tom Beaudry, General Manager at The Wilderness of Fortune Bay talks about the importance of teaching your kids to play golf in this month’s e-newsletter from The Wilderness. Here’s what Tom has to say:

“Watching the U.S. Open over the weekend brings to light just how many great golfers there are worldwide. You may also notice that many of the top golfers are from countries other than America. The question then arises, is golf in America declining? Much of the data out there supports this. The United States Golf Association, The PGA of America, and The National Golf Course Owners Association have all put initiatives out to try to grow the game and offset this trend.

Why would this happen? One may argue that golf is too expensive for kids to start playing, but as Minnesotan’s know, one hockey stick can cost the same as a full set of junior clubs. The time golf takes to play has also been used as an argument as to why one might not get out to enjoy the game. I would point out that any sport a child chooses takes time to participate in with all the practices, camps, and games. The truth of the matter is, we may not be taking the time to pass the game down to our children. Rory Mcllroy did not get involved in the game of golf because of any certain program in place in Ireland. He got into golf because his Father took the time to pass down the tradition.
I challenge you all to take the time to introduce this great game to a child you know. The future of our tradition rests on all our shoulders.”
Great advice and as golfers, it’s the responsibility of all of us to take care of, and grow the game!
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