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Reflect Back on Another Minnesota Golf Season

The fall of the year is a time to think of all we have and have not accomplished on the golf course. Regrets? Perhaps. Victories? Hopefully. Things to work on in the off season? Absolutely! There are also a slew of new goals for next season, here are a few goals that may resonate with you as we reflect back on another Minnesota golf season:

  • Break 100
  • Break 90
  • Break 80
  • Break…70?
  • Actually try to play by all the rules of golf
  • Take that trip to play the course we always say we’ll play and never do
  • Go all season with the same golf balls in my bag without buying new ones
  • Learn how to hit a 3-iron
  • Win all my bets
  • Go without a 3-putt
  • Learn to play the wind better
  • Play more golf with the kids
  • Play more golf with my spouse
  • Commit to leaving my cell phone in my car when I play
  • Learn to hit a draw
  • Learn to hit a fade
  • Hit every green when inside 150 yards
  • Value each shot
  • Plan every shot
  • Step away when I don’t “feel right” over the ball
  • Hit it 10-yards farther
  • Spin the golf ball on approach shots
  • Quit slicing
  • Quit hooking
  • Quit topping
  • Quit chunking
  • Hit four great shots in a row
  • Avoid making double bogey after making par
  • Recovering from mistakes
  • Fix my swing on the course
  • Make an eagle
  • Double eagle?
  • Finally make a hole-in-one
  • Play a par 3 course at even par

That’s a start, what are YOUR goals? What will you do next season that you didn’t do this year? Oh, by the way, there’s still plenty of golf left this season to try to reach some of these goals!

Explore Minnesota Golf Alliance is a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to raise awareness of Minnesota golf courses and resorts as international travel destinations. Our member facilities feature award-winning, championship golf courses and are geographically disbursed across the great state of Minnesota. The combination of exceptional quality and outstanding value make Minnesota one of the best golf destinations in the United States.



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