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New Products from Ping and Callaway at Milwaukee Golf Show

When it comes to the latest and greatest in golf technology, I’m not a “cutting edge” type of guy. Mostly, because equipment and technology changes so quickly it can be difficult to keep up with all that is happening. Not to mention, when you’re not in the market for new gear, why look? It just reminds you of what you want, not necessarily what you need.

That said, I talked with some reps from Callaway and Ping at the Milwaukee Golf Show and asked them what they had for new equipment at the show and thought I’d pass on what I learned. I spoke with the Ping rep, John Ballou and he introduced me to the new K15 line – driver and irons. Thanks to John who let me catch him on video with my Droid. ┬áHere’s what he said:

I also spoke with Sam, a Callaway rep and he introduced me to the new Callaway driver – the Callaway Razr Hawk and according to Sam it’s made of a material similar to what is used in Lamborghini‘s. It’s a forged composite club using a high end carbon composite strand along with a titanium face, making it extremely light and strong. The Callaway line is that it’s so strong you could drive a car over the head and it would not break. Sam tells me that more weight is transferred around the perimeter of the club which makes the clubhead more stable and reduces the spin rate of the ball. Consequently, less spin means a longer drive. The club also has weighting that can be distributed on the perimeter to help create a draw if you’d like.

Callaway Razr Hawk Driver - Draw

Callaway Razr Hawk Driver - Straight

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