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Make the Most Out of Your Golf Show Visit

What to do when visiting a golf show

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The golf show season is officially underway in cities across America. In Minnesota, golf facilities across the state have the weekend of February 20-22nd circled as the dates for the 2015 Minnesota Golf Show. Explore Minnesota Golf Alliance Executive Director, Steve Dowling, will also venture out-of-state to raise awareness of Minnesota Golf. Dowling will set-up shop at the Kansas City Golf Show, Winnipeg Golf Show, Greater Milwaukee Golf Show and Chicago Golf Show. Not only are golf shows a wonderful way to raise awareness for golf facilities and resorts, it’s a time for golfers to uncover special packages for golf vacations and outstanding prices on new equipment. And you want to be sure to make the most out of your golf show visit.

“Golf shows provide golfers of all levels a chance to see what’s new in the industry – from equipment to some of the world’s best golf destinations,” says Dowling.

At the same time, a golf show can be a bit overwhelming with opportunities to “demo” new gear to putting contests and rifling through racks of golf clothes. Having spent my share of time at golf shows, here are a few suggestions for making the most out of your trip to the golf show in your city:

Research golf equipment

If you know you need gear, maybe a new driver or putter, do some research online and learn as much about the brands that interest you most. Figure out your price range and go to the show with an idea of what you’d like to try out. Virtually every manufacturer of golf equipment will have presence at the show with a hitting station for you to try the clubs. Once there, figure out three manufacturers you’d like to visit and spend time with their experts to learn more about the clubs and be sure to try them out!

Know the dates of your golf trip

If you’re planning a golf trip, or you have your vacation time blocked off, be sure you head to the golf show armed with that information. Depending on the dates of your trip, certain golf facilities or resorts may have special offers that correspond with your dates. This is also a wonderful time to connect a face with a name at each facility and a chance to ask questions to determine if the resort or course is right for you.


Assess your golf accessory needs

You’ll be surprised with some of the products that are available for purchase at a golf show, so assess your needs before going. Do you need a new rain suit? A second set of golf shoes? How about a travel bag for your clubs? Maybe a gift for your uncle who has every golf gadget under the sun. Think of it not so much as a shopping list, rather a list of possible items that you could buy if the “price is right.” Often you can visit a golf show and see a golf accessory that has been discounted and you’ll sit there and ask yourself, “do I need this?” Try to know what you could use before you go, so when the deal of the century pops up, you can grab it.

Finally, here’s an inside tip: if you want the best deals on gear, clothes, etc. go on the last day and stay until the end. Remember, many golf show vendors have traveled hundreds of miles with lots of stuff and they do not want to haul it or ship it home if at all possible. The downside is that much of the merchandise has been picked over, however, if you’re going to get a great deal on anything, the end of the show is usually when you’ll find the best stuff!

Best of luck and enjoy your time at the golf show this spring!

Explore Minnesota Golf Alliance is a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to raise awareness of Minnesota golf courses and resorts as international travel destinations. Our member facilities feature award-winning, championship golf courses and are geographically disbursed across the great state of Minnesota. The combination of exceptional quality and outstanding value make Minnesota one of the best golf destinations in the United States.

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