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Gift Ideas for Golfers


For Minnesota golfers the greatest gift you could give is the gift of golf. As in an actual round of golf! This season local “linksters” were granted that unique opportunity with unseasonably warm temperatures. Gift ideas for golfersHowever, this is the exception to the rule here in the hinterlands and we’ve become accustomed to a much more traditional form of gift giving at this time of year. So, if you’re searching for the ideal gift for the golfer in your life, check out these suggestions:

Golf Membership

Before you get too carried away, we’re not talking about membership to some stuffy private golf club. Instead, we recommend membership to a quality public golf course that offers 18-holes of championship golf and amenities that make you feel like you’re at a private country club. Depending on the facility, full golf privileges, including range fees and a locker could cost anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 per year. Sure, it’s not exactly a stocking stuffer price tag, however, keep in mind, this is unlimited golf for the fanatic in your household.

Rangefinder Watch

In golf, it’s hard to commit to a shot when you’re not really sure how far you have to hit the ball to reach the green or even make it over the creek before it. Rangefinder watches offer golfers piece of mind and better yet precise distances to the target they’re trying to reach. Technology (and style) has improved tremendously in this part of the golf equipment world and manufacturers like Garmin offer a range of products at various price points between $125 and $600.

Rain Gear

You may be thinking, my golfer doesn’t play in the rain. And for the most part, golfers hate playing in the rain, however, there’s always that trip with buddies and the weather is less than ideal. Without a doubt, that golfer is going to be screaming for a dependable and flexible foul weather set up. Golf retailers will offer a range of products and styles, and we suggest not cutting corners. Make sure you pick up breathable water proof pants and top. Accessorize with golf gloves for rain and of course, a pair of water proof shoes. For the suit, you could spend between $500 and $1,000, so it’s not cheap stuff, but it’s fortunately not something that has to be purchased more than once every decade or so. Here’s more information from the Golf Channel.

Some other items that are not quite as expensive and equally appreciated are:

  • Golf ball retriever
  • Walking push cart
  • New golf bag
  • A dozen golf balls
  • New golf glove
  • Golf towel
  • Golf books

Golf enthusiasts find tremendous joy in all types of golf accessories, memorabilia and tips for improving their game. This holiday season check out your local golf shop or retailer and see what’s new, you may even find some terrific end of the year deals.

Explore Minnesota Golf Alliance is a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to raise awareness of Minnesota golf courses and resorts as international travel destinations. Our member facilities feature award-winning, championship golf courses and are geographically disbursed across the great state of Minnesota. The combination of exceptional quality and outstanding value make Minnesota one of the best golf destinations in the United States.

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