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Get Your Clubs Ready!

We’re all guilty of the laziest club cleaning of all time: standing on the tee box of a par three waiting for the green to clear, you absentmindedly run your tee through the grooves of your 6-iron, only to remove clumps of mud from your last round. While that may be “good enough,” now is the time of year to really get your clubs shining– it will help you hit the ball better, right? We’ve assembled a step-by-step cleaning process to make your irons look like new when you finally get out for your first round of the year.

1. Fill a plastic bucket (or bathtub, if you really love your clubs) with warm water and dishwashing liquid. Don’t let the water temperature get too high or you may damage the ferrule (the plastic ring that covers the hosel).

2. Place your clubs in the water, making sure that the clubheads are fully submerged, and let them soak for 3-5 minutes. This will give the oil, mud, and turf chemicals that are attached to your clubs time to loosen. Avoid getting water above the hosel, especially with steel shafts. Water can cause rusting and other damage to your club shaft.

3. Clean out the groves with an old toothbrush. This is the most important stage of the cleaning, as it is how all of the build up will finally get cleaned out. We recommend against using a wire-bristled brush once you’ve soaked your clubs because it can scratch the surface of the clubface.

4. Rinse your clubs when you’re done brushing out the groves. This is an important step in the cleaning process because it gives you a chance to make sure you’ve cleared out all the grooves. Again, to avoid damage, be careful not to get water on your club shaft.

5. Dry them off. This step will remove the last of the loose debris, and keep your clubs healthy by not going into your bag all wet. Make sure to also run the towel along the length of the club, just in case.

Once you’ve got your clubs ready to go, you might as well book your great Minnesota golf getaway. The golf season is right around the corner!

Explore Minnesota Golf Alliance is a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to raise awareness of Minnesota golf courses and resorts as international travel destinations. Our member facilities feature award-winning, championship golf courses and are geographically disbursed across the great state of Minnesota. The combination of exceptional quality and outstanding value make Minnesota one of the best golf destinations in the United States.

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