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Games for Odd Numbers

Fun Golf Games

Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with a full foursome every week and games for odd numbers are often difficult to cobble together. Don’t let that get in the way of enjoying a little side action on the golf course! We’ve compiled a few of our favorite golf games for threesomes to keep things interesting.close up of golf ball on red tee in grass



This is a great game regardless of how many people are playing in your group and what their skill level is. Play using traditional golf etiquette, where the player furthest from the hole plays the next shot. The first person on the green is awarded one point (bingo) regardless of how many hits it takes to get there. The next point is awarded to the person closest to the hole after every player is on the green (bango), again disregarding the number of shots it takes to get there. Finally, a point is awarded to the first player in the hole (bongo). The player with the most points at the end of the round wins!


This game is played in standard stroke play format, so it’s best if all members of the group either have an established handicap, or are close to the same skill level. Each hole has nine points available for awarding. If all three players tie on a hole, each player gets three points. If one player wins the hole and the other two tie, the winning player gets five points and the other two are awarded two points each. If one player wins, another is a stroke behind, and the third player is behind second place, the winner gets five points, second place receives three points, and one point is awarded for third.


Another common game for a threesome is Wolf. In this game, the longest of the drives on any given hole is labeled the wolf. The other two players in the group are then labeled wolf hunters. When the hole is completed, the score of the wolf is doubled (or tripled in a foursome), and the results are compared against the combined score of the hunters. If the wolf wins the hole, he gets two points, if the hunters win, they get one point each. In the case of a tie, scores are carried over until the next hole until somebody wins.

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