Why You will Love Minnesota Golf

And Why Minnesotans Love Golf
Every year, Minnesotans are ranked at the top or near the top of most golfers per capita in the country. Minnesotans simply love golf. It is one of the best places in the country to play, and the locals know that. So here are some reasons why you will love Minnesota golf as well.

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5 Essential Items for a Fantastic Minnesota Golf Trip

Pack for a Perfect Minnesota Golf Trip
When it comes to planning golf trips, there are few destinations like northern Minnesota. As one of the most northern states in the nation, we have sights and sounds that many other states don’t have. The sound of a loon far off on one of our 10,000 lakes lining […]

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Fishing and Golf Go Together in Minnesota

A Conversation with Walleye Dan
Walleye Dan

Fishing and golf go together in Minnesota. Granted, not all golfers fish and not all fishermen (and women) golf. Yet, for those that do both, there are few better places in this country to enjoy these outdoor activities. If you’re a Minnesotan and consider yourself an angler, you are well aware of one of the best and well known fishing guides in the state, Dan Eigen. More commonly known as Walleye Dan. We recently communicated with the native Minnesotan via email and asked him to share with us some of his thoughts about golf and fishing in Minnesota. Here are some of the highlights from our Q&A with Minnesota’s best known fishing expert: […]

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The Four Majors of Minnesota Golf Resorts

Minnesota’s Majors
As the end of the “majors” season draws near, with the PGA Championship the last of the four remaining, we thought we would take this opportunity to recognize the four majors of Minnesota Golf Resorts. Which means, you won’t find Oak Hill, the site of the 2013 PGA Championship, in our list, but you will find our four cornerstone resorts that are very much the trademark of Minnesota golf. We’re proud of all of our courses, but our resorts are second to none in North America and if you haven’t had a chance to stay at these resorts and play their golf courses, it’s time you do! In the spirit of golf’s majors, here are our “majors” and how we see them aligning with the tournaments.


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Getting Your Kid to Play Golf

Engage your kids in golf
You’ve heard the line before – golf is a game for life. Yes, it’s a popular phrase tossed around by golfers, but it’s also true. It’s a game that you can play from 2-years old to 102-years old. The trick is getting your kid to play golf and encouraging them to continue on through the years. As a parent that plays golf, you understand that the golf swing is much more complex than it appears. Understanding the rules of the game can take a lifetime to learn and learning how to make consistent contact can be equal parts frustrating and elating. Our challenge as parents is to let our kids have fun and not inundate them with data, tips, rules and advice. Glenn Hagberg, Head PGA professional at Madden’s on Gull Lake has seen his share of juniors and he offers this advice to parents:

“Always stay positive. It’s a game, so have fun. Resist the urge to provide instruction to your young golfer. Kids are smart. If they hit the ball right or left, they will figure out how to correct it on their own.”

This is not to say that Glenn believes kids don’t need instruction. Rather, he’s saying to give your kids room to learn. Too often parents will chase kids from a sport with too much instruction.

Here are a couple other ways to make golf fun and keep kids engaged:


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Minnesota Golf: Rush Creek Golf Club

A Premier Golf Course in Minnesota
In Minnesota golf, Rush Creek Golf Club is well-known for its exceptional service and challenging holes. Rush Creek has hosted 3-LPGA events and in 2004 hosted the U.S. Amateur Public Links Championship. Widely considered one of the best golf courses in Minnesota and in the Midwest, we visited with Jay Meyerhoff, the Head PGA Professional, who shared with us his thoughts on why Rush Creek is worth visiting.


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5 Essentials for a Guys Golf Trip

Great guys golf trip tips
For many of us, relationships are created, forged and maintained on a golf course. This is part of what makes the guys golf trip a necessary vacation for any guy (and gal) who plays the game.

So, before you start planning your next guys trip here are 5 essentials for your trip:


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