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Exercises That Can Hurt Your Golf Game

Working out to play golf these days is all the rage. Tiger Woods, who resembled an action figure back in the day, started the trend and plenty of the game’s biggest names have followed suit. That is a good thing.…

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How Golfing Apps are Changing the Game

golfing appDallas Mavericks owner, “Shark Tank” star and money magnet Mark Cuban was recently quoted as saying that software applications (apps) are the new millionaire makers. So why shouldn’t the game of golf get into the app act? Well, it has, and while we are not reporting a growth of new golf millionaires, golf apps are changing the game. And there are plenty of them out there to help change yours.

Golf apps array from range finders loaded with countless golf courses for easy navigation to swing tips from the best teachers in the game. If you need to find a tee time, there is an app for that. How about some help on the range? There is an app for that. Here is a look at some of the best golf apps available—all a finger click away.

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How to Fix Your Golf Swing: Things to Keep in Mind

Fix Your Golf Swing

There are many theories on the golf swing. Swinging a golf club is not exactly a natural movement for the human body and there are as many different swings out there as golfers. Tom Lehman once said, it doesn’t matter how you swing, it’s more important that it’s a repeatable swing. Repeating the swing is key because it can get out of whack. And when it does, we need to know how to fix our golf swing.

Where to Start?

The first step to fixing a broken swing is to diagnose what is not working. Plenty can be learned from paying attention to what happens to the ball after it is hit. Does it slice to the right (for a right-hander) or hook to the left? Did you top it and hit a worm burner or hit underneath it and shoot it straight up into the air?

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