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How to Fix Your Golf Swing: Things to Keep in Mind

Fix Your Golf Swing

There are many theories on the golf swing. Swinging a golf club is not exactly a natural movement for the human body and there are as many different swings out there as golfers. Tom Lehman once said, it doesn’t matter how you swing, it’s more important that it’s a repeatable swing. Repeating the swing is key because it can get out of whack. And when it does, we need to know how to fix our golf swing.

Where to Start?

The first step to fixing a broken swing is to diagnose what is not working. Plenty can be learned from paying attention to what happens to the ball after it is hit. Does it slice to the right (for a right-hander) or hook to the left? Did you top it and hit a worm burner or hit underneath it and shoot it straight up into the air?

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Where to Find Indoor Golf Practice in Minnesota

It was a long summer golf season in Minnesota filled with great weather, excellent conditions, and many rounds — a boon for golfers and golf courses alike.

Where to find indoor golf practice in Minnesota.But try as we may to extend those Minnesota golf rounds into late fall (or even early November), the cold winds of winter will eventually shut it down. But you don’t have to stop swinging a club just because the snow is flying.

There are numerous golf domes, golf simulators and indoor golf facilities to keep the good golf season going all winter long. In some cases, you may have to drive a bit, but there are so many facilities in Minnesota, you won’t have to go far to stay in the swing.

Before you head out to swing a club, keep in mind a few ideas worth considering for your winter practice.

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Short Game Tips for Beginners

Distance Control Drills to Help Any Golfer

Beginning golfers have a chance to improve quickly at the game, particularly if they start with the right fundamentals. In golf, the best way for a beginner (or anyone, for that matter) to improve is to work on their short game. Most golf pros will tell you that the skills required for a good short game can translate to your entire game and improve your efficiency.Approche green

Chris Foley of Cragun’s Legacy Courses in Brainerd also owns and operates Chris Foley Golf Schools, and he agrees that short game proficiency leads to overall performance.

“You have to cover all aspects of the game,” Foleys says. “Kids, especially, love to hit driver. But you have to come to the realization that the short game – let’s say inside 50 yards – is about 60 percent of our score or more. So if you want to score well, you have to spend some time in that area of your game.”

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Essential Rain Gear for Spring Golf

Gearing up for Spring Golf in Minnesota

If you golf during the spring in Minnesota, it’s very likely you might get wet – even cold and wet.Golf in the Rain Still, with the number of great courses in the state, Minnesotans hate to wait too long to get the season started – so good rain gear is an essential spring accessory. It can be a bit spendy for something you use only occasionally, but well worth the price when spring showers fall. So, here’s our advice on what to look for when gearing up for spring golf in Minnesota.

The primary attributes to look for in rain gear include the following:

  • Breathability
  • Water Resistance
  • Room to Move
  • Cold Weather Protection
  • Lightweight Fabric

If you can get all those at an affordable price, you have shopped well. But according to Clint Roepke, PGA professional at Golf Galaxy in Roseville, “you get what you pay for when it comes to rain gear.”

Material Matters

Roepke says there are lower price points for primarily polyester-fiber rain gear and then higher ones for Gore-Tex, which claim to be breathable and water resistant. All rain gear will ultimately get wet, he says, but Gore-Tex is designed to keep you drier longer.

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