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Last Chance at The Classic and The Wilderness This Weekend

After this weekend, The Classic at Madden’s and The Wilderness at Fortune Bay will close for the season. If you want to get out and experience some of the best golf in the state at the best time of year, this is your chance. If you’re heading up to Madden’s, you can still get out on Pine Beach East after this weekend, but the crown jewel shuts down at the end of the day, Sunday.

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The Wilderness GM Challenges Golfers to Pass the Game to Kids

Tom Beaudry, General Manager at The Wilderness of Fortune Bay talks about the importance of teaching your kids to play golf in this month’s e-newsletter from The Wilderness. Here’s what Tom has to say:

“Watching¬†the U.S. Open over the weekend brings to light just how many great golfers there are worldwide. You may also notice that many of the top golfers are from countries other than America. The question then arises, is golf in America declining? Much of the data out there supports this. The United States Golf Association, The PGA of America, and The National Golf Course Owners Association have all put initiatives out to try to grow the game and offset this trend.

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