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Minnesota Golf Courses Close to Wisconsin

Golf clubs drivers over green field backgroundMinnesota and Wisconsin have long shared a contentious border thanks to pro football and the close proximity of the Twin Cities. But in golf, it becomes an advantageous border, as so many great golf courses are a close drive for Wisconsinites or those out-of-staters visiting nearby Wisconsin Lake Country. No matter where you are near the Wisconsin border – north, south, or central – you can find a top-drawer course to your liking easily within driving distance. If you have time to venture further west into the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, there are plenty more, but here’s a quick list of top Minnesota golf courses close to Wisconsin that won’t take a big bite out of your gasoline budget.

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Minnesota Golf Hole Bucket List


There are plenty of bucket list courses in the game of golf—Augusta National, Pebble Beach, and The Old Course at St. Andrews are at the top of my list. Golf balls bucket on driving rangeAnd more than just playing those courses, there are famous holes there I would love to try my hand at: No. 12 at Amen Corner in Augusta, No. 18 along the Pacific Ocean at Pebble Beach, and No. 17, The Road Hole at St. Andrews. Those holes may be out of reach (either due to lack of golf skills or discretionary income), but there are still plenty of holes in Minnesota golf worthy of a bucket list. I would include the 16th hole at Hazeltine National Golf Club on this list of Minnesota golf bucket list holes, but since it is a private course, you’ve either already played it or you need an invitation to make it happen.

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How to Play the Longest Golf Holes in Minnesota

It’s not news that golf courses are getting longer. Golfer getting ready to take a shotWith the constant improvements in golf equipment technology (that generally result in players hitting the ball further than ever before), golf courses which have been built or renovated in the past couple decades or so have some pretty long holes so they can keep up. That includes courses here in Minnesota. So, here’s a look at some of the longest holes in the state and some hints on how to play them.

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Why Minnesota Golf and the Fourth of July Go Together

Experience Summer Golf in Minnesota

It’s mid-summer in Minnesota and the heat is starting to crank up. Home air conditioners may be humming, but you shouldn’t be inside – the summer is short. The Fourth of July is upon us, and everyone is making preparations for family get-togethers, so that’s why you should be on the golf course in Minnesota. The Fourth of July is a great time to go golfing in the Midwest.  4th of July picnic with colors of red, white and blue.

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