The Most Memorable Holes at Giants Ridge Golf Course in Minnesota

The first time you play either of the two Minnesota golf courses (The Legend and The Quarry) at Giants Ridge Golf Course & Ski Resort in Biwabik, you will create memories. The quiet, the conditioning, the rugged beauty and the challenge will have you immediately planning your return trip. As will some of the great […]

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Getting Your Kid to Play Golf

Engage your kids in golf
You’ve heard the line before – golf is a game for life. Yes, it’s a popular phrase tossed around by golfers, but it’s also true. It’s a game that you can play from 2-years old to 102-years old. The trick is getting your kid to play golf and encouraging them to continue on through the years. As a parent that plays golf, you understand that the golf swing is much more complex than it appears. Understanding the rules of the game can take a lifetime to learn and learning how to make consistent contact can be equal parts frustrating and elating. Our challenge as parents is to let our kids have fun and not inundate them with data, tips, rules and advice. Glenn Hagberg, Head PGA professional at Madden’s on Gull Lake has seen his share of juniors and he offers this advice to parents:

“Always stay positive. It’s a game, so have fun. Resist the urge to provide instruction to your young golfer. Kids are smart. If they hit the ball right or left, they will figure out how to correct it on their own.”

This is not to say that Glenn believes kids don’t need instruction. Rather, he’s saying to give your kids room to learn. Too often parents will chase kids from a sport with too much instruction.

Here are a couple other ways to make golf fun and keep kids engaged:


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Games for Odd Numbers

Fun Golf Games
Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with a full foursome every week and games for odd numbers are often difficult to cobble together. Don’t let that get in the way of enjoying a little side action on the golf course! We’ve compiled a few of our favorite golf games for threesomes to keep things interesting.



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Lucky 7 Golf Game is our Favorite at Milwaukee Golf Show

Though it’s not nearly the size of the Chicago Golf Show, the Milwaukee Golf Show is a fun stop for us each March. The show is not as heavy with equipment and gadgets, but one of our favorite games year after year is the Lucky 7 Golf Game. Lucky 7 is a family owned business […]

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Great Golf Games

A few weeks ago, we blogged about fun games for your odd-numbered golf party. Whether you are in a big group or a small group, here are two more games that can make your golf game more fun…and possibly profitable.

The first is called the “Animal Golf Game” and is played with a deck of plastic […]

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Golf Games for Odd Numbers

For anyone who’s ever tried to golf in a group of three or five, you know how hard it can be to play with an odd number of people. The fun, though, can be making a game inside the game and switching things up to make keep the outing interesting for everyone.

For example, trios can […]

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