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5 Things We Love About Fall Golf in Minnesota

Fall golf in MinnesotaAs the summer season of golf winds down, and the crisp, cool air of autumn begins to arrive in Minnesota, some local golfers mistakenly start thinking about other things (school, football, winter?) rather than the game. Yet fall is actually the perfect time to play golf in Minnesota, and there are plenty of reasons why. Here are five things we love about fall golf in Minnesota.

1. Course Conditions

Every fall, the golf courses of Minnesota reach their peak in terms of conditioning, and it must be experienced. The weather provides great growing conditions and the sun won’t bake out any areas, so the fairways and greens will be as good you will find anywhere. The only concern will be your ability to hit them in regulation.

2. Comfortable Temperatures

Minnesota is home to hot, humid summers, but those temps are gone with the turning of the season. Fall temperatures are cool, but not cold, and it’s the perfect time for a round that won’t overheat you. You want to be outdoors in the fall, just to experience the temperate climate and the wonderful autumnal smells.

3. Beautiful Colors

Golfing in the fall in Minnesota is a feast for the senses. In addition to the great autumn scents, and the cool breezes on your skin, we can find the colors of the season at every turn in the area. The verdant turf and shimmering blue waters of the local courses are adorned in the reds, golds, browns, and oranges of the beautiful hardwood trees of Minnesota. Don’t miss this great autumn show.

4. Fewer Crowds

The fall of the year requires a new focus for some golfers, so the rest of us will surely benefit. Minnesota is the state with the highest percentage of people playing the game in the country, but in the fall, many vacate the courses, which open them up for the rest of us. We can find the perfect tee time waiting that we had been shooting for all summer. There are more times available at a course we couldn’t get on during the season. And with fewer golfers on the course, rounds are quicker (as they should be) — so there is still time to get back home to take care of our own fall duties. Uncrowded courses mean glorious three-hour rounds, maybe even shorter. And you can even try playing 36 holes in a day and still be done in time for dinner. The possibilities are endless.

5. Golf at a Great Rate

As some golfers begin to taper their number of rounds or even hang up the clubs for the season, public golf courses will be looking to wring out the last bit of revenue before the snow falls. So there is some excellent pricing on green fees to be found. You need to check at your favorite course to see what they have available. Remember, they might call Minnesota the land of the wind chill factor, but The Wilds Golf Club in Prior Lake is home to the “Pay the Temp” deal in which one of the great courses of the area can be played at a “cool price.”

Great conditioning, beautiful surroundings, excellent temperatures, and wide-open courses all for a great deal. What’s not to like about fall golf in Minnesota?

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